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The Toronto Regional Champion Protégé Program Campaign

I am excited to be apart of the Toronto Regional Champion Protégé Program Campaign! I can’t wait to get involved in projects to help build the city of Toronto with my mentor Councillor Janet Davis!

You can view my profile and read more about this amazing opportunity to increase women’s participation in municipal government here:


Anonymous asked:

Where does your inspiration come from in regards to your writing?

My inspiration comes from my heart, my family, my morals and beliefs, and my experiences; in regard to my writing.

R.I.P. Mariam Makhniashvili

Friday, March 9, 2012.

Police and CTV News has confirmed that the remains found 2 weeks ago on the Don Valley Golf Course in Toronto, were those of 17-year-old Mariam Makhniashvili. The location where her remains were discovered was in close proximity to her residence and her school, Forest Hill Collegiate- where Mariam went missing over 2 years ago on September 14, 2009.

I sincerely hope that her family and friends can receive closure and that Mariam can now be laid to rest in peace.

Family Appreciation

Family Appreciation

You shouldn’t take your family for granted. When your down, they lift you up; when your sad, they make you happy; and, when everyone else turns their back on you, they take you in and embrace you. Appreciate your family. Tell them and show them every day, that you love them and are thankful for them. Amen

-Alexia McLean


Note: This is an excerpt from my book 20.  It is not the full excerpt, it will be continued in my book.


Owl in the Night

          I don’t understand why a person continues to make promises and continues to break them.  When is it too much?  How long do they think they can continue with their bullshit, before the person they are lying to, gets fed up?  There is so much that one person can deal with, as well as, put up with.  If they keep giving, keep opening up to you, and the selfish person keeps taking, and continues to take advantage of the kind-hearted one, how selfish can the person be to keep inflicting emotional pain? 

          Kind-heart- set rules, set guidelines, set limits.  Without these, you will continue to be hurt and confused.  Protect yourself by putting your heart behind your head.  Act with your head, be smart, show no emotion, show no sympathy.  Once you show any sign of weakness, the selfish will then use that one thing you let them find.  They seek the one sign of sympathetic emotion you have towards them, to play on your emotions, and get you trapped in the same web you tried so hard to get out of, time and time again. 

          Share only your kind heart, with those who deserve it, and also let you in to receive their warmth as well.  Kindness, selfishness, pain, and love, are all directed two-ways.  Give what you want to receive back, share what you wish to be shared with you, tell what you want to be told to you.  Promises are meant to be honoured and kept.  Like an owl in the night, I see all for what it is; I see you for who you truly are.  Like an owl in the night, I spread my wings and fly high where you can never reach me again. 



WORDS OF KIND-HEARTEDNESS: Never give all of yourself, until you truly feel you understand and know that the person you want to give your all to wants to do the same for you.  Don’t do it before or after the person decides to share their love and kindness with you; both of you should meet together, in the middle, at the same time.  This is when love and kindness will meet and be strongest to blossom and continue to grow together, in a healthy and stable environment. 

Quote for Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

"Individuals make up a unit. Just because you dont like an individual from a family unit, does not mean that you will not like all of the individuals from their family. This can also be applied to many scenarios such as; friends, coworkers, and other social settings that are made up of individual persons. Let’s promote individuality."

- Alexia McLean

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